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Beauty Masters: Harper’s Bazaar US May 2016

Beauty Masters   Lindsey Wixson, Annika Krijt, Ondria Hardin and Mathilde Brandi. Photographs by Christian Ferretti. Styled by Jessica dos Remedios. Hair by Olivier Lebrun (Annika), Yannick d’Is (Lindsey). Make-up by Marla Belt (Ondria), Yacine Diallo (Mathilde).  

Jena Goldsack: Harper’s Bazaar Autralia May 2016

Jena Goldsack   Jena Goldsack wears a CHANEL coat and gloves. Photographs by Steven Chee. Styled by Karla Clarke and Thelma Mcquillan. Make-up by Victoria Baron. Hair by Michele McQuillan. Nails by Jocelyn Petroni.  

For You Blue: Elle UK May 2016

For You Blue   Grace Plowden wears a cotton-mix top by ROKSANDA. Photographs by Jason Hetherington. Styled by Sophie Beresiner. Make-up by Andrew Gallimore. Hair by Panos. Nails by Ama Quashie.  

Valery Kaufman: Harper’s Bazaar Germany May 2016

Valery Kaufman   Valery Kaufman wears a swimsuit by AGENT PROVOCATEUR. Photographs by Marcus Ohlsson. Styled by Kerstin Schneider. Hair by Erika Svedjevik. Make-up by Fredrik Stambro.   Bikini panties by VERSACE.Swimsuit by ERES. Leather heels with studs by GUCCI

March Attacks: Allure Russia March 2016

March Attacks   March-Attacks with Emily Didonato shot by Guy Aroch. Styled by Anya Ziourova. Hair by Ben Skervin. Make-up: Yadim. Nails by Alicia Torrello.    

The Glorious Geek: Vogue Japan April 2016

The Glorious Geek   Willow Hand photographed by Emma Tempest. Styled by Celia Azoulay. Make-up by Maxine Leonard at Jed Root. Hair by Karin Bigler at Jed Root using Shu Uemura. Nails by Trish Lomax at Jed Root using CND Vinylux Casting.  

Anna Selezneva : Harper’s Bazzar Germany June/July 2015

Golden Glow : Anna Selezneva by Marcus Ohlsson for Harper’s Bazzar Germany June/July 2015.   Publication: Harper’s Bazzar Germany June/July 2015 Model: Anna Selezneva Photographer: Marcus Ohlsson Fashion Editor/Stylist: Kerstin Schneider Hair: Mette Thorsgaard Make-up: Fredrik Stambro  

Jacquelyn Jablonski : Vogue Turkey May 2015

Present : Jacquelyn Jablonski by Dusan Rejlin for Vogue Turkey May 2015.   Publication: Vogue Turkey May 2015 Model: Jacquelyn Jablonski Photographers: Dusan Rejlin Fashion Editor/Stylist: Sophie Pera Beauty Editor: Valerie Dayan Hair: Ashley Javier Make-up: Alice Lane Nails: Elisa Ferri  

Constance Jablonski : Harper’s Bazaar España May 2015

Luces y Sombras : Constance Jablonski by Nagi Sakai for Harper’s Bazaar España May 2015.   Publication: Harper’s Bazaar España May 2015 Model: Constance Jablonski Photographer: Nagi Sakai Fashion Editor/Stylist: Juan Cebrian Hair: Pasquale Ferrante Make-up: Makky P.  

Baby Face : Vogue China May 2015

Baby Face : Ji Hye Park,Kouka Webb, Tian Yi, Karmay, Lu Ping and Sora Choi by Ben Hassett for Vogue China May 2015.   Publication: Vogue China May 2015 Models:Ji Hye Park,Kouka Webb, Tian Yi, Karmay, Lu Ping, Sora Choi Photographer: Ben Hassett Hair: Neil Grupp Make-up: Violette Nails: Chiharu Natsume  

Eniko Mihalik : Vogue China May 2015

Selfie Beauties : Eniko Mihalik by David Dunan for Vogue China May 2015.   Publication: Vogue China May 2015 Model: Eniko Mihalik Photographer: David Dunan Fashion Editor/Stylist: Charles Varenne Hair: Nicolas Jurnjack Make-up: Topolino Nails: Lucia Cheptene  

Jena Goldsack : Elle UK Wedding Spring/Summer 2015

As Long As You Love Me : Jena Goldsack by David Vasiljevic for Elle UK Wedding Spring/Summer 2015.   Publication: Elle UK Wedding Spring/Summer 2015 Model: Jena Goldsack Photographer: David Vasiljevic Fashion Editor/Stylist: Michelle Duguid Hair: Claire Rothstein Make-up: Andrew Gallimore Nails: Emma Welsh  

Helena Greyhorse : Marie Claire France May 2015

Beauté : Helena Greyhorse by Eric Traoré for Marie Claire France May 2015.   Publication: Marie Claire France May 2015 Model: Helena Greyhorse Photographer: Eric Traoré Fashion Editor/Stylist: Laurence Alexandre Hair: Shuko Sumida Make-up: Alice Ghendrih  

Ophelie Guillermand : Porter Magazine #8 Summer 2015

Insider Beauty : Ophelie Guillermand by Chris Colls for Porter Magazine #8 Summer 2015.   Publication: Porter Magazine #8 Summer 2015 Model: Ophelie Guillermand Photographer: Chris Colls Fashion Editor/Stylist: Morgan Pilcher Hair: Peter Gray Make-up: Lisa Houghton Nails: Naomi Yasuda  

Giedre Dukauskaite : Vogue Mexico April 2015

Toque Maestro : Giedre Dukauskaite, Christian García and Ángel López by Alexander Neumann for Vogue Mexico April 2015.   Publication: Vogue Mexico April 2015 Model: Giedre Dukauskaite, Christian García, Ángel López Photographer: Alexander Neumann Fashion Editor/Stylist: Valentina Collado Hair: Leon Downing Make-up: Daniel Avilán  

Glam Squad : Teen Vogue April 2015

Glam Squad : Joline Braun and Kristine Frøseth by Sharif Hamza for Teen Vogue April 2015.   Publication: Teen Vogue April 2015 Models: Joline Braun, Kristine Frøseth Photographer: Sharif Hamza Fashion Editor/Stylist: Elin Svahn Hair: Holli Smith Make-up: Charlotte Tilbury Nails: Lisa Logan