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Beauty Masters: Harper’s Bazaar US May 2016

Beauty Masters   Lindsey Wixson, Annika Krijt, Ondria Hardin and Mathilde Brandi. Photographs by Christian Ferretti. Styled by Jessica dos Remedios. Hair by Olivier Lebrun (Annika), Yannick d’Is (Lindsey). Make-up by Marla Belt (Ondria), Yacine Diallo (Mathilde).  

Blow Up: Marie Claire UK May 2016

Blow Up   Marloes Horst Photographed by David Roemer. Styled by Lisa Oxenham. Hair by Panos Papandrianos At Clm Using Tresemme. Make-Up by Zoe Taylor At Jed Root.  

Chiharu Okunugi : Vogue Japan June 2015

Hair Finds a New Shape : Chiharu Okunugi by Regan Cameron for Vogue Japan June 2015.   Publication: Vogue Japan June 2015 Model: Chiharu Okunugi Photographer: Regan Cameron Fashion Editor/Stylist: Jarrod Lacks Hair: Laurent Philippon Make-up: Yumi Mori  

Alisa Ahmann : Vogue Italia April 2015

Beauty : Alisa Ahmann by Camilla Åkrans for Vogue Italia April 2015.   Publication: Vogue Italia April 2015 Model: Alisa Ahmann Photographer: Camilla Åkrans Fashion Editor/Stylist: Patrick Mackie Make-Up: Karan Franjola Hair: Franco Gobbi

Giedre Dukauskaite : Vogue Mexico April 2015

Toque Maestro : Giedre Dukauskaite, Christian García and Ángel López by Alexander Neumann for Vogue Mexico April 2015.   Publication: Vogue Mexico April 2015 Model: Giedre Dukauskaite, Christian García, Ángel López Photographer: Alexander Neumann Fashion Editor/Stylist: Valentina Collado Hair: Leon Downing Make-up: Daniel Avilán  

Ginta Lapina by Heather Favell

Allumez la Lumière: Ginta Lapina by Heather Favell for Glamour France February 2015   Model: Ginta Lapina Photographer: Heather Favell Fashion Editor/Stylist: Virginie Benarroch Hair: Benjamin Mohapi Make-up: Dina Catchpole

Chloe Norgaard by Fabio Leidi

Mad in France: Chloe Norgaard by Fabio Leidi for Grazia France 12 December 2014   Model: Chloe Norgaard Photographer: Fabio Leidi Stylist: Alexandra Bernard Hair: Fred Make-up: Tina Roivainen Manicure: Severine Loreal

Adriana Cubo by Enrique Vega

Cuestion de Actitud: Adriana Cubo by Enrique Vega for Marie Claire Mexico December 2014 Model: Adriana Cubo Photographer: Enrique Vega Hair: Yari Mejia Make-up & Manicure: Victor Noble

Barbara Palvin by David Bellemere

Barbara Palvin by David Bellemere for Marie Claire 2 Italia December 2014 Model: Barbara Palvin Photographer: David Bellemere Fashion Editor/Stylist: Elisabetta Massari Make-up: Tatsu Yamanaka Hair: Roberto Pagnini